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The Wings Fund

Dave and Tereé Urquhart are on a mission.

The Urquharts are very busy people. Dave is a high school principal, Tereé is a teacher, both are community volunteers and they are proud parents as well. They are also strong believers in giving back, particularly in the area of needy families. Dave and Tereé encourage their friends and colleagues to join them in making a difference in Tuolumne County. They both acknowledge that charitable giving can be time-consuming and complicated, but very rewarding as well.

Dave and Tereé spearheaded the creation of The Wings Fund, a field of interest fund at the Foundation. When Dave received a heart transplant in 2002 at Stanford University Hospital, his family traveled to stay near him. They became aware of the expenses incurred for this support – hotels, meals, travel, etc. – and understood it would be cost prohibitive for many families. This led them to the process of creating a fund in 2004.

“We set up the fund because we understood the financial burden families incur when caring for a child in a hospital away from home. With the Foundation’s staff expertise, we were able to organize and streamline our giving. The Foundation makes it easy to be charitable.”

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