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Acorns to Oaks Fund
Bergsund Family Fund
Boyd Family Fund

Calestini/Alves Family Fund

Charlene & Gary Dambacher Family Fund
Comazzi Family Fund
Donald A. and Elisabeth Weber Fund

Farrell Family Fund
Foothill Ministry Fund
Front Porch Charitable Fund
Geer Family Fund
Gianelli Family Fund

Grimes Family Fund
Hohne Family Fund

Irving J. Symons Trustees Fund

Jelito Charitable Fund
Joe Martin Family Fund
Julie Hulet Memorial Fund

Kiwanis Club of Sonora Fund
Marjorie L. Coffill Charitable Fund
Norbert & Elaine Wilson Endowment Fund
Ozbirn Family Fund

Pat & Jim Johnson Family Fund

Paul & Josephine Wyllie Fund

Priest Family Fund

Reb and Susan Silay Fund

Todd and Cyndi Simonson Fund
Tuolumne Angel Fund

Charitable purposes in Tuolumne County
Charitable purposes in Tuolumne County
Charitable purposes in Tuolumne County

Charitable purposes in Tuolumne County

Charitable purposes in Tuolumne County

Charitable purposes in Tuolumne County
Support charitable programs

Support charitable programs

Anonymous family-advised fund
Charitable purposes in Tuolumne County
Charitable purposes in Tuolumne County
Charitable purposes in Tuolumne County

Support charitable programs
Charitable purposes in Tuolumne County
Charitable purposes in Tuolumne County
Charitable purposes

Charitable Purposes in Tuolumne County
Charitable purposes in Tuolumne County

Support charitable programs
Charitable purposes in Tuolumne County
Charitable purposes in Tuolumne County
Charitable purposes in Tuolumne County

Charitable purposes

Charitable purposes

Support charitable programs

Support charitable programs

Charitable purposes in Tuolumne County
Anonymous family-advised fund


Andy Fredericks Memorial Fund

Art & Fritzi Hender Memorial Fund

Barbara McClymont Fund
Betty Regelin Fund
Bill of Rights Fund

BOB Health Van
Brizard Fund for South Side Seniors Inc

Calaveras Tennis Fund

Children’s Holiday Party Fund
Christmas Partners Fund
Comfort Project Fund
Comfort Project Endowment Fund

Dan Imfeld Educational Incentive Fund

Community Indicators Project Fund
Donald and Renee Paulsen Fund
Dorothy Daniels Memorial Fund
Duende Drama & Literature Fund

Economic Prosperity Council of Tu. Co. Fund
Ernest Olivieri : Elks Lodge 158

Fire Chiefs Assoc. Training Fund

Friends of the Children’s Park Fund
George James Memorial Education Fund

Graser-Knudson Memorial Fund

Keep Railtown Rolling

Kiwanis Childspree
Leadership Tuolumne County Fund
Lucille Arnold Fund
Marjorie L. Coffill Local History Fund
Mary Jo Brereton Fund

Memoir Center Fund

Miller Endowed: Elks Lodge 1587
Minnie Wind Wolfinbarger Fund
Mrs. Pringle Music Fund

Smile Keepers Fund

Sonora Parent Nursery School Legacy Fund

SOS/Safety Net Fund for Tuolumne County
South Tuolumne County Museum Library Fund
Stage 3 Theatre Company Fund

Tuolumne County Eye Care Fund

Tuolumne County GRACE Fund
Tuolumne County Juvenile Judges Fund

Tuolumne Tennis Association Fund

Twain Harte Skate Park Fund
Vial for Life Fund
Wings Fund
YES Partnership Fund

Support fire fighting programs

To benefit youth of Tuolumne County

Student needs at Sonora Elementary School
Support ATCAA Family Homeless Shelter
Bill of Rights education at Sonora Elem School

Support of BOB the Health Van

Support programs and needs of the Gathering Place

Support Tennis in Calaveras County

Programs for children in need in Tuolumne County
Support Christmas programs
Quilts for children and elders in need
A growing endowment for the Comfort Project

Support at-risk youth through educational incentives

Measurement and assessment of Tuolumne County
Charitable purposes in City of Sonora
Endowment for Sonora United Methodist Church
Support programs and projects of Duende
Support programs of Economic Prosperity Council

Support Elks Lodge Scholarship program

Purchase and maintenance of training equipment

Park maintenance and youth recreation
TuCARE fund for teacher education in natural resources

Endowment for Twain Harte recreational purposes

Community support for Railtown 1897

Back-to-school shopping spree fund for children in need
Support the Leadership Tuolumne County program
Provide success for youth at-risk
Tuolumne Co. Library materials on Mother Lode history
Program support for Omega Nu

Support Tu. Co. Veterans History Project

Support Elks Lodge Scholarship program

Support special education and ROP Nursing at SHS
Classical music appreciation for any K-8 school in Tu. Co.

Support dental needs of the underserved in Tuol Co.

Support programs non-profit/government pre-schools Tu. Co

Support Safety Net programs in Tuolumne County

Maintenance of the Groveland museum-library
Support programs and projects of Stage 3

Eye care needs in Tuolumne County

Assistance for unmet needs of Tuolumne County residents

Needs of Tuolumne County youth referred by justices

Maintain tennis courts in Twain Harte

Skate park maintenance
Support Vial for Life project
Expenses for the non-medical care of ill children

Support of the YES Partnership coalition


Elinor F. Brown Endowment Fund
J.R. Christensen Family Fund
Jim and Louise Angelo Family Fund
Local Emergency Services Support Fund
Mother Lode Wellness Fund

Robert C. Jones Fund

Trail Me About It Fund

Tuolumne County STEM Fund

Endowed fund for Tuolumne County educational purposes
Nursing and health education in Tuolumne County
Endowment for Tuolumne County schools
Disaster prevention and recovery
Support of medical/wellness purposes in Tuolumne County

Advocacy for those who experience discrimination

Improvements of non-motorized trails in Tuolumne County

Support: science, technology, engineering and math


ATCAA Family Literacy Fund
Calaveras Heritage Council Fund
Friends of Tuolumne County Library Fund
Habitat for Humanity Fund

Hospice of the Sierras Fund
Humane Society of Tuolumne County Fund

Jamestown Family Resource Center

Mother Lode Wildlife Care Fund
Rose Wolf Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Fund
Salvation Army of Tuolumne County Fund
Sierra Foothills Residential Care Fund
Sierra NonProfit Support Center Fund
Sierra Repertory Theatre Fund
Southside Senior Services Fund
Summerville High Foundation Endowment Fund
Support Sonora School Fund

Tuolumne County Arts Alliance KASA Fund
WATCH Endowment Fund


Cunningham Family Fund
Homer Latimer Fund

Martha Barnes Tuolumne County Betterment Fund
Sonora Area Foundation Futures Fund

Thomas Pugh Fund
Toni Gibson Fund


Irving J. Symons Foundation for Tuolumne County
Symons Family Fund


Aaron Baker Memorial Scholarship
Andy Fredericks Memorial Scholarship
Aronos Women’s Research Club Scholarship
Bill Gerber Memorial Scholarship

Black Oak Casino Resort Scholarship

Bret Laws Memorial Scholarship
Brockman Family Scholarship
Bruce Paxton Memorial Scholarship

Bryce Matthew Sanguinetti Scholarship

Carl and Marilyn Keller Scholarship

Community Scholarship Fund

Cory D. White Memorial Scholarship

Dan Imfeld Scholarship Fund

David Paul Grant Memorial Scholarship
Doc Curtice Memorial Scholarship

Earl and Mary Purdy Memorial Scholarship
Elaine Symons Baker Scholarship
Eva Schicke Memorial Scholarship
Firefighter Michael Chad Harris Scholarship
Frank Salel Youth Fund

Front Porch Columbia College Scholarship
Front Porch Scholarship
Gardella College Fund

Gilbert Poulter Scholarship

Gina Marie Gardella Memorial Scholarship
Harry A. Riedinger Memorial Scholarship
Harvey H. Uhl Scholarship
Highland Oaks Natural Resources Scholarship

Homer Latimer Scholarship

James O. Dale Scholarship

Jeff Sanders Memorial Scholarship
Jeff Vassallo Memorial Scholarship
Jennie Evans Memorial Scholarship
Jerry Ryder Scholarship
Jessica Elizabeth Jager Memorial Scholarship

Jim Baldrige Memorial Scholarship
Joe Martin Family Scholarship

John Greeno Memorial Scholarship
John E. Kelley Memorial Scholarship

Kathleen Calestini Memorial Fund
Kristi Francis Memorial Scholarship

Larry and Virginia Reed Twain Harte Rotary S/ship

Leadership Tuolumne County Scholarship

 Lil Dawson Big Oak Rebekah Lodge #259 Scholarship
Lyle R. Scott Scholarship

Lynn Gates Nursing Scholarship
Martha Barnes Scholarship
Martin and Bethel Liljedahl Scholarship

Minnie Wind Wolfinbarger Scholarship

M.L. Interagency Training Officers Scholarship
Bass Family Fire Fighters’ Memorial Scholarship
Mother Lode Stanford Club Scholarship
Mt. Springs Women’s Golf Scholarship

Past American Legion Post 300 Scholarship

Paul and Jackie Mierop Memorial Scholarship
Pearl Segerstrom Memorial Scholarship
Perricone-Hobbin-Hodge Scholarship

Reb and Susan Silay Scholarship
Ralph and Dotte Francis Memorial Scholarship

Richard A. Franco Memorial Scholarship
Rockwood Scholarship
Ross Jones Memorial Scholarship

SUHS Class of '58 Scholarship
Sgt. Bobby Rapp Ski Scholarship
Shaws Flat Scholarship
Sierra Music Scholarship
Sierra Quilt Guild Scholarship

Sonora Elementary Memorial Scholarship

Sonora Lions Varvandakis Scholarship
Stephen H. Manson Scholarship
Teresa Mary Thors Scholarship
Terry Campbell Loshalegro Award

Ticket Out Scholarship

Tuolumne County Community Tennis Scholarship
Tuolumne County Farm Bureau Scholarship
Tuolumne County Sheriff’s Posse Scholarship
Tuolumne County Women's Network Scholarship

Tuol. Medical Women's Aux. Nursing Scholarship

Tuolumne Sunrise Scholarship
Twain Harte Chamber of Commerce Scholarship
Vicki White PEO Memorial Scholarship
Wally Berry Memorial Scholarship
Wes and Ruth Wyllie Memorial Art Scholarship

William and Doris Morris Memorial Scholarship
Wilma Lindberg Memorial Scholarship

Sonora High: athletics
Fire fighting programs and scholarships
Columbia College: nursing or teaching
Summerville High: athletics

Resort employees and dependents: Continuing Education

Columbia College: fire science
Sonora High: education
Tuolumne County high schools: music

Sonora & Summerville High: academics and sports

Sonora High: Engineering, Mechanical, Medical or Ag

Tu. Co. high schools: continuing education

High School students: continuing education

Tuolumne County high schools - higher education

Tu. Co. high schools: law enforcement, EMT, fire science

Sonora High: academics

Sonora High: music or physical education
Sonora High: academics
Nursing or fire science
Columbia College & Napa College: fire technology
Benefit Tuolumne County youth

Tu. Co. high schools: attending Col. Coll. transferring for BA

Tu Co. high schools: math, engineering, comp science
Sonora High: interest in local government or politics

Sonora & Summerville High & Columbia Coll.: higher education

Sonora High: agricultural intention

Sonora High: academics
Sonora High: Trade schools or higher education
Columbia College: agriculture and natural resources

Sonora High and Summerville High: academics

Tu. Co. high schools: plumbing, pipefitting, fire sciences

Bret Harte High: academics
Summerville High: Friday Night Live
Tuolumne County high schools: business
Tuol Co. high schools: Korean War Veterans’ relatives
Sonora High: academics

Sonora High and Summerville High: academics

Sonora High: ag business, ag mechanics, natural resources

Children of fallen wildland firefighters

Mother Lode Round-Up Queen

Tuolumne County high schools: Sonora Elementary graduate

Sonora High: academics

Summerville High: vocational

Past Participants of YLTC: academics

Tuolumne County high schools: academics

Vocations/trades education

Columbia College: nursing

Summerville High: females, non-traditional fields
Sonora High: agriculture

Sonora High: ROP Health Careers graduate

Tuolumne and Calaveras high schools: public safety
Tuolumne and Calaveras high schools: public safety
Tuol Co. high schools: Stanford University attendee
Scholarships for women in golf
Tioga High: general academics

Tuolumne County high schools: Sonora Elementary graduate

Sonora High: academics
Tuolumne County high schools: University of California

Tuolumne County high schools: academics and vocational

Sonora High: athletics

Sonora High: academics and leadership

Sonora High: art
Tuol Co. high schools: fire sciences or law enforcement

Sonora High: higher education

Official Ski Race Team
Sonora High: academics and vocational
Tuolumne County student: classical music lessons

Tuolumne County High Schools: academics

Sonora High: Sonora Elementary graduates

Sonora High male: academics

Sonora High: art and nursing

Secondary education for disabled students
Summerville High: academics

Sonora and Summerville High: attending Columbia Coll.

High school students involved in tennis or the arts
Tuolumne County high schools: agriculture industry
Tuolumne County students: agriculture or related field Women's education

Columbia College: nursing

Summerville High: academics
Summerville High
Sonora High Alt Ed.: vocational/trade, college/univ ed.
Sonora High: academics
Summerville or Sonora High: art

Sonora High: academics

Summerville or Sonora High: elementary teaching

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